Applications for steam

JUMAG steam boilers are used wherever steam is used to heat, clean, sterilise, humidify or enable chemical processes.

What is your use case?


Steam is used for heating in food factories, refineries and chemical plants. Our customers use steam, for example, to pasteurise milk or to boil the mash in beer production. Our steam is also popular for heating pet food.


Water-proof and heat-resistant surfaces are cleaned gently, quickly and without chemicals using steam. Our customers use it, for example, to clean surfaces in butcher shops, or to clean beer and wine filters, kegs and tank


... of products: Steam can simultaneously
heat up a product and provide
it with moisture. This is needed, for example, in food products such as baked goods, to produce pellets from feed materials, or in paper production, where microscopic cracks or damage should be avoided.

... of air and space: In addition, steam can
serve as an industrial heater and
provide a pleasant indoor climate, for example for
storing books and files or humidifying the air. e.g. in hospitals.


Did you know that steam sterilisation
is the safest sterilisation process? That is why
many of our customers use our steam for sterilisation. For example, for surgical instruments, Petri dishes and medical devices. But JUMAG steam boilers are also used to sterilise foodstuffs such as canned goods.

The best steam boiler foryour use case?

Together we will find the right device or the optimal system for you. For sale or rent, electric, oil- or gas-powered. Find out more about our energy-efficient products or get advice directly from our experts!

How do JUMAG customersuse our steam?

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