Factor 1673

Efficiently generated, quickly transferred: Steam energy carrier

Water boils at 100 °C under atmospheric pressure. If heat is also added, it evaporates and increases in volume more than one thousand six hundred times.

In other words, up to 1673 litres of water vapour can be produced from one litre of water. In order to achieve this enormous expansion, an energy of 2257 kJ must be supplied.

If you compare this with the fact that only 420 kJ are needed to heat a litre of water from 0° to 100°C, it becomes clear what an enormous amount of energy is in steam – five times as much as in boiling water.

In steam, water molecules have extremely high kinetic energy, and a tendency to release this energy. These are ideal conditions for heating large surfaces or rooms quickly and evenly, transferring heat or generating high process temperatures. Examples are brewing pans in breweries, heaters or finishers in textile care.

Use the full potential

The outstanding advantage of steam is, therefore, its property as an energy carrier. However, this can only be used profitably if no energy is unnecessarily wasted for steam generation. To meet these requirements, JUMAG offers energy-saving steam boilers of the highest technical standard. JUMAG devices achieve the highest levels of efficiency in the industry. Additional condensing technology through flue gas condensation and components bring additional savings. Other components, such as the JUMAG feed water/condensate container, reduce energy consumption. It uses condensate, relaxation steam and residual energy of the blow-down water to preheat the feed water.