No. Although JUMAG is a quick steam boiler, it is distinguished by its extremely robust and energy-efficient pressure vessel. The circulation pump and the standard economiser (heat exchanger) are further distinguishing features.

We are happy to calculate this with you. Thanks to our smart energy cost calculator, you not only know your savings in kW, € and CO2 in advance, but you can also see your total steam generation costs for the next 10 years. The identification of the variable costs per kg of steam also offers you an excellent opportunity to plan in advance.

No. It applies to combustion units from 1MW and is therefore not relevant for JUMAG, not even for multiple units.

Our steam systems are typically used for process steam generation. Therefore, these regulations only apply to our steam boilers if they are used exclusively for heating purposes or hot water generation.

This always depends on our production workload and can change daily. Please call your contact person at JUMAG to confirm the current delivery times.

In case of emergency, we can supply a steam boiler within 2-4 days.

Please contact our service department for this. We will be happy to provide you with a quote that explicitly mentions the delivery time and availability. Normally you can expect 5 business days. We keep many components in stock for 10 years and longer.

Yes. Our service technicians work locally in every region of Germany and can be with you within a short time. Please contact our service department for planning.

The service call at your site depends on your wishes, and what you want the service to do for you. To be on the safe side, allow 1-2 weeks lead time.

In emergencies, we are of course there for you even faster.

If you would like telephone support, please do not hesitate to call us. We will do our best to serve you the same day.

At JUMAG, all steam systems are always paid for 100% in advance.

We offer leasing in Germany and Austria. We will be happy to advise and support you.

Our DG series and our electric steam boilers (except EDI 360) do not require approval and monitoring in Germany and many other countries. Our barrel boiler FLO1060 does not require a permit in Germany, but it is subject to monitoring (e.g. by TÜV).

No. None of our steam boilers require a boiler house. Not even as a multiple unit steam system.

Yes. Jumag steam boilers are suitable for 72h operation without manual action. Please observe the operating instructions. It describes exactly how you should maintain the steam boilers.

Yes. Modernisation, expansion and new construction are eligible, e.g. the replacement of a steam boiler if the new steam boiler is more efficient.

A subsidy rate of up to 40% is possible. Contact us and we will be happy to support you.

If you wish, we will be happy to do this for you. It is best to contact us about this so that we can discuss the scope together.

Yes. It is only important to know the final stages of construction in advance so that we can design the vessels accordingly beforehand. Afterwards, you can easily expand the steam system at your pace.

From 2 to 4 tonnes of steam demand per hour, JUMAG makes sense under the following conditions:

  • You expect different load peaks
  • You need redundancy
  • You have decentralized steam consumers

We provide 12 months warranty. If you would like a warranty beyond this period, it is possible in connection with a service contract. Simply contact us.

Yes. All our steam boilers can also be operated with osmosis or fully demineralised water.

Either discuss this with your contact person from sales, if you know them. Otherwise, you are welcome to contact our head office: +49 6201 84603-0 or contact info@jumag.de.

Of course. We look forward to hearing from you. It is also possible to rent a container steam system from us.

This depends mainly on your water treatment. Be sure to consult us in this regard. If you carefully factor in the replacement of the evaporation system after 8 years, you can't go wrong.

Since JUMAG is always supplied with an economiser (flue gas heat exchanger), you can expect flue gas temperatures of around 140 degrees. Depending on what your process looks like, a second economiser may also be worthwhile. Then you will be able to reach flue gas temperatures of about 70 degrees.

Thanks to our efficient pressure vessel, a 3-5% water entrainment in front of the steam dryer is common. If it is higher, the settings must be changed.

The important thing here is the quality standard of the steam that you actually want to achieve. Steam qualities up to pure steam are possible. If you need higher qualities, we should consider a special solution. JUMAG has solutions for this as well.

No. The heating elements of the EDI series require 400 volts. Special solutions are doubtful for economic reasons.

Yes. This is possible. The affected components must be procured and adapted accordingly. Please note that longer delivery times and additional costs are possible as this is not a standard at JUMAG.

We work together with Weishaupt as standard. With Weishaupt gas burners, operation between burner low and high load is possible in increments up to 35%. The oil burners operate in two levels, with automatic high and low load operation.

In our experience, 10.5 barg can be enough for a mangle, although according to the technical data they require 13 barg. However, this depends on the mangle and should be checked case by case.

During pressure degassing, harmful gases are almost completely degassed. You therefore need significantly less dosage chemistry. This saves money. With high condensate return flow and many hours of use, pressure degassing can save a lot of energy (money) and CO2. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you.

In case of low condensate return flow and/or feed water with high salt content and/or in case of a large amount of first condensate (e.g. steam dryer or steam filter), the blow down vessel with heat recovery may be worthwhile. We will be happy to calculate this for you.

No. Thanks to our automatic timer, the switch-on and switch-off times can be easily programmed.