Unless they are electric steam boilers, JUMAG steam boilers are heated by gas- or oil-fired burners. The burner capacity depends on the steam boiler types.

The burners in JUMAG steam boilers:
Function and Benefit

What are standard industrial burners used for and what are their advantages?

Standard burners mean: fast service at any place and at any time

Burners provide thermal energy required for steam generation. They must work reliably at all times.

Because JUMAG steam boilers operate with standard industrial burners from Weishaupt, customers always have access to their close-knit service network.

Oil, gas, dual-fuel burners and special fuels

The choice of whether to use oil-fired or gas-fired burners depends on individual requirements, local availability and, last but not least, an assessment of fuel price trends.

The burners usually work on two levels. Thus, a partial load of approx. 35% of the full load can be activated in addition to the full load. The burner is automatically switched between full load and partial load depending on steam consumption.

For individual requirements, for example fluctuating steam consumption, we also offer modulating gas burners. The burner capacity is automatically and continuously adjusted depending on the steam consumption. This further reduces the energy requirement.

JUMAG additionally offers dual-fuel burners that can switch between oil and gas either manually or automatically.

On request, we also offer burners for special fuels such as propane, biogas, butane and alcohol.


Do you still have questions about standard industrial burners?