Pressure reduction

This optional module reduces the standard steam pressure range. It ensures a constant working pressure and can also compensate for large or rapid pressure changes by means of auxiliary energy.

The JUMAG pressure reduction station: Function and Benefit

What is the pressure reduction station used for and what are its advantages?

Constant, individually adjustable working pressure
Jumag steam boilers work serially with an adjustable steam pressure range of 6-11 barg. For working pressures between 0.3 – 6 barg, or to keep the working pressure constant, pressure reducers are used.

They are installed in the steam pipe between the steam boiler and the steam consumer. The pressure reduction stations from Jumag are also available in stainless steel.

The pressure reduction station type DMS-PRO ready for installation for professional and reliable applications consists of a shut-off valve, a steam dryer with attached condensate drain module, the pressure reducer, a manometer for the output pressure and an optional relief valve.


  • Input steam valve
  • Steam dryer with condensate drain
  • Pressure reducer with auxiliary energy
  • Relief valve
  • Input and output manometer with pressure sensor

    Pressure reduction station available in black steel and stainless steel versions

Steam dryer

Pressure reducer with auxiliary energy

Input manometer upstream pressure

Output manometer downstream pressure

Condensate drain module

Relief valve

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