Steam dryer

Dry steam: Through optimal water separation in the steam, the steam dryer protects your steam system and your steam consumers.

The JUMAG Steam Dryer:
Function and Benefit

What is the steam dryer used for and what are its advantages?

Dry steam protects your steam boiler

A good water separation in steam protects the system and increases steam quality. The build of the steam dryer is based on the benefits of a cyclone steam dryer and combines them with other advantages: 

  • High separation rate of entrained water droplets
  • Small water droplets are also separated by the centrifugal force
  • Low pressure loss in the steam
  • The steam dryer works efficiently even at low steam volumes
  • Includes condensate drain module

No damage from boiler water or section condensate
When steam is generated in all steam boilers, some boiler water is inevitably carried away by the steam. Water is also formed in the piping by condensation, it is called section condensate. This water can cause damage to the piping. Additionally, it is often harmful and undesirable in the steam consumers. Drying the steam is, therefore, in many cases advantageous for the steam system and for the steam consumers.

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