JUMAG steam boiler oil- or gas-fired

JUMAG steam boilers combine the advantages of a compact quick steam boiler with those of a robust shell boiler. Depending on the device, they deliver steam outputs of 160 – 1060 kg/h. This capacity can be multiplied with multiple units. The DG series is oil- or gas-fired.

JUMAG steam boiler oil- or gas-fired: The other steam boiler

Energy-efficient and economical

  • Highly cost-effective as a result of high efficiency
  • Condensing boiler technology with use of the flue gas condensation optional, with firing efficiencies in excess of 100%
  • Three- to four-strand flue gas routing
  • Low water entrainment
    Energy-efficient JUMAG accessories for minimum loss
  • Subsequent replacement of the burner (change oil/gas) is possible

Robust and low-maintenance

  • Pressure vessel in accordance with water chamber principle with up to 9 mm material thickness
  • No pipe coil / no water tube boiler principle
  • Low-maintenance circulation pump
  • High operational reliability as a result of the simple and compact overall design
  • High quality standards due to the use of standard industrial parts


  • Not subject to approval or monitoring in many countries
  • Simple operation with self-explanatory full text touch screen control in many languages
  • Alternatively with automatic blow down or desalination
  • Customer Service available 24/7


  • Touch screen control in many languages
  • Robust evaporation system (no coil)
  • Flue gas heat exchanger
  • Circulation pump integrated in control cabinet (no piston pump)
  • Smooth, intelligent water level control

High steam quality with minimal residual moisture

Standard burner; oil or gas

Many surfaces and parts in stainless steel

High energy efficiency (up to 97% efficiency) due to economiser (with second downstream economiser efficiency >100% possible)

Graphics touch screen

Low-maintenance circulation pump integrated into the control cabinet

Small shell boiler: Robust pressure vessel
Automatic blow down/desalination
Smooth water level control

JUMAG oil- or gas-fired steam boilers in detail

How it works

Why do JUMAG steam boilers require minimal maintenance and boast maximum energy efficiency? This is due to the fact that they work differently from the classic quick steam boiler with pipe coil and piston pump.

Depending on the water level in the pressure vessel, the feed water in the pressure vessel is replenished by the boiler pump through the economiser.

The burner is controlled depending on the steam pressure. The heat from the flue gas is transferred through the pressure vessel to the water by a multiple path system.

The steam is dried in the internal system of the pressure vessel.

In the economiser, additional heat from the flue gas is transferred to the fresh water in the counter flow.

Technical data

Boiler typeDG 160DG 260DG 360DG 460DG 560FLO 1060
DGRL 2014/68/EU Category IIIPS * V < 1,000PS * V < 3,000
Steam output up to160 kg/h (2.6 kg/Min.)260 kg/h (4.3 kg/Min.)360 kg/h (6.0 kg/Min.)460 kg/h (7.6 kg/Min.)560 kg/h (9.3 kg/Min.)1060 kg/h (17.7 kg/Min)
Heat output105 kW170 kW235 kW300 kW380 kW720 kW
Max. operating pressure13 barg (blow-off pressure of relief valve)
Working pressure6 to 11 barg (lower pressures possible via JUMAG pressure reduction station)
Heating timeapprox. 5 Minapprox. 8 Minapprox. 10 Min

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