beweka concentrated feed plant

Steam for concentrated feed

Rigid becomes flexible, large becomes compact. Two JUMAG DG 560 replace the former high-capacity boiler at the beweka concentrated feed plant in Heilbronn. This does more than just save energy. Managing Director Artur Bisenius also cleverly accomplishes another task. Because if one boiler needs maintenance, the steam system continues to run with the second boiler.

Project Highlights

JUMAG multiple unit steam system (MDA) with an output of 2x 560 kg steam per hour

Extremely high energy efficiency combined with high reliability and redundancy

Compact system with over a tonne of steam produced per hour.

About beweka

Beweka Kraftfutterwerk GmbH, based in Heilbronn, Germany, operates a mixed feed plant for agricultural processing companies and private animal husbandry at home. The main tonnage is achieved in the cattle, pig and poultry feed divisions.

Challenge: Redundancy and expandability

The previous shell boiler offered beweka plenty of steam but little flexibility. With a new steam system, a future-oriented and energy-saving technology was to be introduced.

With an annual tonnage of around 125,000 tonnes of compound feed alone, productivity is key. Systems must run continuously, if possible also during maintenance. The search was therefore for a steam boiler that could meet these requirements.

The solution: JUMAG Multiple Unit Steam System

In JUMAG's multiple unit steam system, two steam boilers operate in parallel. This redundant design allows continued operation during maintenance work – in any case, JUMAG units are extremely easy to maintain thanks to their special design. Two smaller steam boilers thus replace the large boiler, and the system is free from TÜV supervision.

Artur Bisenius, Managing Director of beweka Kraftfutterwerk GmbH, is impressed by the advantages of such a modular solution. "This makes us much more flexible and also allows for easy expansion if production grows in the future.

In any case, he has implemented the planned energy savings. "Our high expectations were met." Bisenius counts the ease of use of the JUMAG control system as one of the other advantages, specifically the simple menu navigation which supports the personnel with illustrated instructions.

When does a JUMAG steam system pay for itself and which one suits your requirements?

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