Braugarten Rheinau

Compact electric boiler for the brewing garden

The Swiss brewing and malting master Kai Isele relies on the German purity law – and on an electric steam boiler made in Germany. He is highly satisfied with the compact JUMAG EDI 60, which he can control via remote maintenance

Project Highlights

JUMAG electric steam boiler with 80 kg steam/h

Stainless steel pressure vessel in shell boiler design

Convenient and easy to use

About the Braugarten

TheBraugarten is a small home brewery in the canton of Zurich directly on the Rhine, near the monastery island Rheinau. Since November 2020, Kai Isele has been brewing beers here according to the Reinheitsgebot (German purity law). The beers are sold naturally cloudy in their own restaurants as well as regionally over the ramp.

"The ease of use of the electric steam boiler is very high and the maintenance is very easy"

Kai Isele, Braumeister

Challenge: Equalising peak loads

Kai Isele has many ideas, but little space. In addition to his basic beer varieties Huusbier & Helles, he also offers a special 'Suud'. A "crazy beer that can taste like rhubarb in the summer and pine needles in the winter."

Because the steam boiler used in the first period of operation was no longer fully functional, the Braugarten needed a new device. Isele produces 5 hl of beer per brew, so he was looking for a compact steam boiler that would deliver sufficient power. He found what he was looking for at JUMAG.

The solution: JUMAG electric steam boiler EDI 60

The steam boiler is made of high quality stainless steel. Its electronic power allows immediate load adjustment. Kai Isele praises the ease of use: "We can control and monitor the steam boiler from anywhere using a module. Maintenance is also kept very simple." This is due to the design: The horizontal flanged radiators are very accessible. But what impressed him the most was the compactness. Because the equipment room is small, and brewing requires steam output. The small stainless steel power pack delivers 80 kg of steam per hour. Enough to implement all the ideas of the master brewer.   

And the interactions with JUMAG? Kai Isele is thrilled: "The employees are friendly and very competent. I get help quickly. It is a very goal-oriented collaboration and all my expectations were absolutely fulfilled."

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