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Heating the brew kettle in a resource-saving way

The Brewery Les Funambules wanted to heat their new brew kettles in a sustainable and resource-saving way. The desire for energy efficiency led them to JUMAG, whose units impressed them in a comparison of suppliers. The brewery appreciates the quality, economical operation and intuitive operation of the JUMAG units.

Project Highlights

JUMAG Steam Boiler DG 560

Condensate recovery

Integrated economiser

About the brewery Les Funambules

Founded in 2016 at the foot of the Belledonne massif in Savoie, the Brasserie Artisanale Les Funambules brews craft beers according to original recipes using organic ingredients, which are AB (Agriculture Biologique) certified. Resource-saving brewing and sustainability are among the brewery's top values.

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Brasserie JUMAG

"We have made enquiries with several European manufacturers. JUMAG met our expectations best."

Challenge: Energy-efficient heating of the larger brew kettles

The popular brewery has expanded its production. The previous 5hL brewing kettles were replaced by 18hL brewing kettles. While the previous boilers were electrically heated, the heating system should now be re-evaluated.


"Unlike direct heating by electricity, steam heating gives us a smoother temperature increase," says Maxime. In addition, this allows the brewing kettles to be cleaned more easily. For the required power, a 100% electric solution would not have made sense. Therefore, this led to the choice of a gas-powered steam boiler. We expected the new system to be highly energy efficient, operator safe and easy to start.

The solution: JUMAG steam boiler DG 560

In the best sense of a feedwater tank with condensate recovery and an economiser, we can save energy and water. JUMAG also offers first-class customer service. This is a very commendable point that has strengthened our choice," say Maxime and Lucie.

"Installing the units and connecting them to the system was easy, especially thanks to the good technical documentation and help from JUMAG support. Although JUMAG was unable to carry out the commissioning on site due to the pandemic, it ran smoothly from a distance."

The system impresses the brewery team with its silent and intuitive operation. "Maintenance is easy and well described in the manual. We are very happy with their performance," said Maxime.

Her conclusion: "If you are looking for a reliable and powerful plant with real project support, you will find German quality in the best sense with JUMAG.

Les Funambules JUMAG
Les Funambules JUMAG
Les Funambules JUMAG

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