Näf Textile Cleaning

Anyone who can do the math has a JUMAG

At Näf Textile Textile Cleaning, operations are not allowed to stand still for a single day. With operationally reliable boilers and top service, JUMAG is the Swiss company's first choice. From decades of experience, Näf knows the operating costs exactly. Outcome: JUMAG has the most economical steam boilers.

Project Highlights

Fail-safe steam generation

User-friendly, even for untrained workers

Very economical solution

About Näf Textile Cleaning

For more than 60 years, Näf Textile Cleaning has stood for proper cleanliness. The branch network with 13 locations stretches across Baselland and Basel. The company works with the latest and environmentally friendly technologies and delivers the highest quality. This is also appreciated by commercial clients, from gastronomy to world celebrities who are guests on Basel stages. Beat Tschudin has been running Näf Textile Cleaning for over 30 years. He relies on JUMAG steam boilers in his business.

"I have to be able to rely 100% on my boilers."

Challenge: Never stop

"Our operations must not come to a halt even for a single day. So I need to be certain that my steam boiler won't fail – or that it will be back up and running within a few hours if it breaks down. I need to know that my dealer will have the right parts available. I also need proximity and direct contact with the manufacturer." Beat Tschudin has very clear ideas thanks to his his many years of experience. Reliability is extremely important to him.

Choosing JUMAG is simply following the path of reason. "This is also confirmed by our service partner Schärer Textilpflegesystem, who has now switched completely to JUMAG," says Tschudin. "JUMAG knows what steam is."

The solution: JUMAG steam boiler

"We have found that two steam boilers, which usually run at full capacity, are optimal in terms of economy and operational reliability," says Tschudin. "JUMAG steam boilers are definitely suitable for all textile cleaners who want to save time and spare their nerves."

He also rates the safety and user-friendliness very well: "We must never forget that a boiler is a dangerous piece of equipment. Even untrained workers must be able to handle it safely. Incidentally, JUMAG devices are the only ones with a 100% comprehensible manual."

He thinks it makes a lot of sense that JUMAG boilers have a standard industrial burner. "In my eyes, Weishaupt is the Mercedes of burners; there's nothing better. You will find an extensive service network in every location in Switzerland. If I have a problem at 6 o'clock in the morning, someone from Weishaupt is there by 7 o'clock and everything's up and running by 8 o'clock. It's the same with my JUMAG service partner. Mr. Schärer knows which device I have – the communication is fast, the commitment is great. And only JUMAG can give me the direct manufacturer service I expect."

He awards top marks for cost-effectiveness: "If you've been in business as long as I have, you should be able to do the math. And anyone who can do the math has a JUMAG."

You can count on us!

When does a JUMAG steam system pay for itself and which one suits your requirements?

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