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Economical & energy efficient. Oil, gas, and electric.
JUMAG steam boilers combine the best of everything in one device.
Quality, climate efficiency, reliability.
With our high-end equipment and services.

Oil/gas steam boilers

If you want to produce at least 10 kg of steam per hour and a maximum of 3-4 t of steam per hour, we have the right device for you.

Electric steam boiler

If you want to produce at least 10 kg of steam per hour and a maximum of 2 t of steam per hour, we have the right device for you.

Multiple Unit Steam Systems

Multiple unit steam systems are coordinated complete solutions. They offer high steam outputs (up to 4 t/h) and a redundant, fail-safe steam supply.

Skid mounted units

Skid mounted units are ready for connection and pre-assembled. The space required is minimal and installation is quick and easy. All components are coordinated with each other.

Container steam systems

Container steam systems, individual and ready for connection in the container. Ideal if you cannot or do not want to place the steam system in the factory building. Also ideal as a mobile steam centre.

What would you like to use steam for?

If you prefer to find out more about your desired application, you are in the right place:

Components: Optimise your steam generation!

Supplementary products for your steam system

Our finely tuned complete system consists of extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly steam boilers, economisers, feed water and condensate containers, blow down vessels, electronically controlled pressure reduction stations and many other components.

We leave nothing to be desired.

We are always here for you when it comes to steam. Ask for your desired service and we will be happy to help you competently.

Rent: Available at short notice, immediately ready for connection and operation.

You can also rent all our steam boilers and equipment. Ideal e.g. for the following applications:

  • Increased steam demand for seasonal or temporary production processes
  • Extending existing steam systems
  • Ensuring steam supply when moving or remodeling
  • Using as external boiler house
  • Using in case of malfunctions

Mobile boiler house goes on a journey

The last checks are done, the container is ready for transport: The rented steam system, which is transported to Berlin by truck, is around seven metres wide.

What sets JUMAG devices apart:Compact quick steam boiler plus robust shell boiler

JUMAG steam boilers combine the best of everything in one device. Here you can find out all about it.

Industry expertise

JUMAG steam boilers are used wherever steam is used to heat, clean, sterilise or humidify spaces, air or products. We have over 40 years of experience with many industries, such as food, health, laundry, chemical, logistics, automotive, wood & paper, and construction, and will be happy to advise you on your application!

High steam quality

We hold ourselves and our partners to a high standard. Components from established and reputable manufacturers, comprehensive product tests and plenty of experience make JUMAG steam boilers the most reliable on the market.

Operational reliability

Our steam boilers offer exemplary availability, ease of use and safety. The JUMAG system works without a coil and contains a low-maintenance circulation pump - so you benefit from minimal maintenance. By the way, our devices are not subject to monitoring - in Germany and many other countries.

Energy efficiency

JUMAG units are extremely energy-efficient by design. For this purpose, we find individual solutions for each customer with regard to dimensioning, equipment and system control. Together with you, we develop potential savings and, if necessary, adapt the steam systems individually to your local conditions and processes.

All-round service

We have everything at a glance for you. In order to ensure cost-effective and reliable operation in your company, we offer service not only for the steam boilers themselves, but for all the components of your steam system as well.

Competent consultation

As a customer, you benefit from our professional on-site consultation. We will find your perfect steam system and help you to optimise your overall costs.

JUMAG steam boilers in operation

Read about how we make steam for our customers!


JUMAG equipment is known for its durability. And we continue to work every day on optimising consumption, saving CO2, and making processes and packaging more climate-friendly.

State-of-the-art technology

We are engineers with passion and are constantly refining our products. Numerous patents speak for our capacity for innovation.


Do you have a question about JUMAG or steam generation? Check out our FAQ and you'll find the answer! If your question is not addressed, we are also happy to hear from you


JUMAG and steam - an inseparable team. We are happy to share our extensive knowledge with you!

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