Subsidies pay for your steam boiler

Save five figures with the new JUMAG steam boiler

2020 can be your biggest year of savings. This is because KfW and BAFA currently reward companies that rely on energy-saving technology. In a current program, they offer subsidy rates of 30 percent, and even 40 percent for SMEs, for energy-optimisation measures. The economical JUMAG boilers are at the forefront here. Additions to existing JUMAG equipment such as additional economisers are also eligible, provided they reduce energy consumption. What matters is the CO2-saving. The upper limit is 500 Euros in subsidies (700 Euros for SMEs) per tonne of CO2 saved each.

Can you save tonnes of CO2 ? With JUMAG, yes!

The fact the JUMAG steam boilers are designed for maximum energy efficiency now pays off in three ways. Firstly, for climate protection. Secondly, in terms of energy costs. Thus, a laundry or brewery alone can use JUMAG to save several tonnes of CO2 annually. And the state is now putting even more effort into it. How does that affect you?

Textile cleaning saves around 55,000 Euros in 10 years

Here’s an example: Your laundry is considering replacing a shell boiler from 1981 with an output of 1 t steam/h. The gas burner’s year of construction is 1997. So far, the flue gas heat (230°C) has not been used, there was no closed condensate system.

Over a 10-year period, the savings are as follows:

  • Energy savings of 75,000 Euros thanks to the JUMAG boiler, blow down vessel, economiser, heat exchanger, condensate pressure vessel
  • Funding grant of 35,500 Euros for the new JUMAG steam boiler DG560

Despite a higher initial investment for a modern JUMAG boiler compared to a standard product, there is a total cost saving of around 55,000 Euros!

Is it worth replacing a working boiler?

In most cases, it’s worth it. You shouldn’t wait until your current boiler is defective. Because if it were no longer functional, then it would no longer be a new investment, but a replacement investment. In order to determine the savings, your new JUMAG would not be compared with your old boiler, but with a new standard device. Although it is still more economical, the subsidy is considerably lower in this case.

What do I do?

First of all, speak to your JUMAG sales consultant. Because the first step even before you buy must be the submission of a savings concept by a certified energy consultant*, if you want to apply for subsidies. Subsidies are no longer possible after purchase.

We can help you find an energy consultant in your area who is familiar with steam boilers and can calculate your potential savings, without any obligations on your part. Incidentally, advice from the energy consultant is also subsidised (is that true?).

The subsidy must then be applied for as a direct grant from BAFA or as a loan with a repayment grant from KfW. The energy consultant will support you in this matter. At the same time, JUMAG will advise you on finding the most economical steam boiler for your business. Or, if you already have a JUMAG boiler, we recommend components for further savings with appropriate subsidies.

Which measures are eligible?

Among others:

  • Replacement of the steam boiler if the new JUMAG steam boiler is more efficient
  • Measures for waste water utilisation, such as retrofitting flue gas heat exchangers
  • Post-steam utilisation
  • Insulation of pipelines and valves
  • Building system technology/engineering (heating, ventilation, cooling), provided that it is used for room conditioning for production processes

Are there also subsidies in other countries?

The funding/subsidy programs described apply only to Germany.

Who can help me further?

We can help with everything from contacting a knowledgeable energy consultant to determining energy savings potential and providing relevant information for funding. Find your JUMAG –contact for your region here.