Condensate return system

Condensate cannot always be returned directly into the feed water container with a natural drop. This is where the JUMAG condensate return system comes into play.

The JUMAG condensate return system: Function and Benefit

What is a condensate return system used for and what are its advantages?

Condensate return in the absence of a drop
With long, branched condensate lines or with ground-level steam systems operating at low pressure, the natural drop is often insufficient to allow condensate to drain back into the feed water container. The JUMAG condensate return system is also known as a condensate lifting system. This is because it collects the condensate at a low point and pumps it into the steam boiler's feed water container.


System structure
The condensate return system consists of a depressurised vessel, which can ideally buffer 20-30 minutes of the maximum condensate formation, and two redundantly operating circulation pumps that can be serviced easily and independently.

Intelligent control
The control notices a pump failure independently and will automatically activate the other pump. A fault message is optionally displayed on the boiler control.

Connection to building control centres is also an option.

Water level indicator

No connections on top (can be positioned to save space)

Steel vessel inside and outside (insulated with mineral wool)

Condensate return flow below the water surface and use of vapour steam energy

Condensate pump (optional with second redundant pump)

Sampling point

Stable mounting frame for quick, space-saving installation

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