JUMAG components

Optimise operating costs and steam quality with perfect water treatment, energy-saving components and networked solutions. We will be happy to assist you with your selection!

What do you need?


Condensate return system

The system pumps the condensate from remote or lower-lying locations back into the feed water container. Quiet operation, minimal energy loss, redundancy in case of pump failure.

Steam filter

JUMAG steam boilers produce saturated steam. For the production of culinary steam or pure steam, we offer adapted steam filters.

Steam dryer

The steam dryer separates water in the steam to prevent damage to the piping network or steam consumers. It optimises the steam quality.


JUMAG steam boilers are equipped with an economiser (heat exchanger) as standard. Maximum efficiency is provided by a second downstream economiser.


Non-softened water causes steam boilers to become clogged with deposits. The softening, which is tailored to the fresh water, protects the boiler.

Dosage pump

Steam or non-steam volatile dosed solutions reduce corrosion in the boiler and protect steam and condensate lines made of steel.

High-Pressure Feed Water & Condensate Collection Container

The energy savings compared to a depressurised feed water container can account for up to 15% of the total energy demand.

Raw water inlet module

Protect your system from contamination and satisfy the requirements of DIN 1988 and/or your water company or water works.

Automatic blow down

Blow down always at the optimum point in time: With the help of the JUMAG automatic blow down system, blow down no longer has to be performed manually.


JUMAG uses standard industrial burners for gas- and oil-fired steam boilers. This ensures a fast and close-knit service network.

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