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With out high-end steam equipment and services, we get the best out of steam every day. For every company and every application. Reliable and resource-saving.

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We listen to you and work tirelessly on the perfect solution with passion and engineering skills.


JUMAG steam boilers stand for long-lasting quality, low consumption and reliability. You can see and feel that.


There is always a better way. For you, for us, for the environment. Numerous registered patents speak for our capacity for innovation.

Whatever you have in mind. We're going full steam ahead!

Whether pharmaceuticals, food or cleaning – steam has always driven just about every industry and kept it moving. In the process, it performs a wide range of tasks. What is your use case?

Overview of our services

At JUMAG, you get the best steam boiler for your requirements. Individually or as a whole system, for sale or for rent, electric, oil- or gas-powered. Complete them with the appropriate components. In addition, we are by your side with advice and services.

Steam boilers

If you want to produce at least 10 kg of steam per hour and a maximum of 3-4 t of steam per hour, we have the right device for you.

Steam systems

Would you like a little more? Then we will configure your individual steam system. From multiple units to the complete steam centre.


Optimise operating costs and steam quality with perfect water treatment, energy-saving components, networked solutions and accessories.

Service & Maintenance

We are your competent and reliable partner for design, optimisation, maintenance and smooth operation of your steam boiler.


JUMAG exists because we wanted to do better. The best of everything in one device. And a little bit more. Our success proves us right – and never lets us stand still. To do this, we listen to you carefully, ask questions, work meticulously and work together every day on the technology of today, tomorrow and beyond.


"We are constantly challenging the status quo."

Deeply ingrained:

For over 40 years, we have stood for durable equipment of the highest quality and efficiency. We are constantly working on optimising consumption, saving CO2, and making processes and packaging more climate-friendly.

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together: Careers

We go to work every day with the conviction that we can make a significant difference with steam, our ideas and our colleagues, partners and customers. The appreciative and familiar atmosphere at JUMAG contributes to this.

You get the best impression from our customers!

Ruppert Winery

The art of temperature control

JUMAG skid mounted unit supports must de-sulphurisation at Ruppert Winery.

Buchmann butchery

Mission: Sustainability

The multiple unit steam system at Buchmann butchery saves energy and balances peak loads.

Glina Whisky Distillery

Compact steam plant for Glina whisky distillery

For its fine distillates, the distillery needs consistent amounts of steam to precisely control the temperature. Read the full reference report!

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