This is how JUMAG powers companies from a wide range of industries.

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Microbrewery Les Funambules

Heating the brew kettle in a resource-saving way

Energy-efficient steam generation helps Brasserie Les Funambles brew sustainably. Condensate recovery and heat exchangers save energy and water.

Private Brewery Friedrich Haaß KG

Schwalmbräu reduces energy consumption by 20 percent

The private brewery Friedrich Haaß combines 200 years of brewing tradition with modern, energy-efficient technology from steam boiler specialist JUMAG.

Starnberger Brauhaus GmbH

Starnberg shows how to brew ecologically and efficiently.

Since 2015, the district of Starnberg has had its own beer again. And since 2021, Starnberger Brauhaus GmbH has been brewing with state-of-the-art brewing technology at its new location in Feldafing. Why did the company decide to switch to JUMAG steam boilers?

Doemens e.V. / Doemens Academy GmbH

Secure steam supply for the Doemens Technical Centre

A skid mounted unit from JUMAG supplies the modern Doemens Technical Centre with steam and supports practical teaching.

SEGET meat and sausage specialities

Clean and ecological steam production for sausage and meat

For 8 years now, two JUMAG DG 360 steam boilers have ensured that meat and sausage are produced ecologically at SEGET. They work economically, reliably and have reduced operating costs. With SEGET, it’s clear: JUMAG technology will also supply the planned new production plant with steam.

Ruppert Winery

The art of temperature control

JUMAG skid mounted unit supports must de-sulphurisation at Ruppert Winery.

Buchmann butchery

Mission: Sustainability

The multiple unit steam system at Buchmann butchery saves energy and balances peak loads.

Glina Whisky Distillery

Compact steam plant for Glina whisky distillery

For its fine distillates, the distillery needs consistent amounts of steam to precisely control the temperature. Read the full reference report!

Kruppert Laundry Service (Kruppert Wäsche-Dienst GmbH)

Steam boilers for Kruppert Laundry Service

Kruppert Laundry Service GmbH from Hünfeld uses energy-efficient steam boilers from JUMAG to generate steam. Read the full reference report!

Näf Textile Cleaning

Anyone who can do the math has a JUMAG

With over 30 years of experience, Näf Textilreinigung values JUMAG steam boilers as the most economical solution. Read the full reference report!

Feingeisterei Gut Basthorst

Second Life in the distillery - used JUMAG DG120 is easy on the budget

JUMAG steam boilers have a long life, sometimes even two. The distillery rates their used systems very highly. Read the full reference report!

EVER Neuro Pharma GmbH

Reliability for critical processes

At EVER Pharma, JUMAG steam boilers supply thermal energy for the production of raw materials for medicinal products. Read the full reference report!

beweka concentrated feed plant

Steam for concentrated feed

New steam system for beweka Kraftfutterwerk GmbH Much more flexible than the large capacity boiler

Settele Textile Service

Steam at the touch of a button for Settele Textile Service

JUMAG steam boilers with optimum water treatment ensure trouble-free operation at Settele Textile Service in Bobingen. Read the reference report!

Marienhospital Bottrop

Hospital saves 20% gas in steam generation

Marienhospital Bottrop saves around 30,000 m³ of gas thanks to modern technology from JUMAG steam boilers. Read the full reference report!

Lergenmüller Winery

Focus on sustainability and energy savings

Everything has to work. A JUMAG steam boiler helps the Palatinate wine-growing family produce excellent wines. Read the full reference report.

Braugarten Rheinau

Compact electric boiler for the brewing garden

The brewery in the canton of Zurich has little space and requires a lot of power. The electric steam boiler EDI 60 can do the job. Read the full reference report!


Constant steam pressure for the tunnel finisher

Ready to move at any time: JUMAG steam system at pm-innovative

Other companies that rely on JUMAG when it comes to steam

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