Feed­water -/ Condensate­container

Saving energy with perfect water treatment:
The patented JUMAG feed water containers are connected to the steam generator via a control system. They operate exceptionally quietly and minimise dosing agent consumption.

The JUMAG feed water-/ condensate container: Function and Benefit

What is the purpose of the feed water vessel and what are its advantages?

  • The feed water container is used to store feed water, which is then heated in the steam boiler. In this process, the feed water is heated for thermal degassing. Dosing Agent is added as required
  • Quiet and energy-saving condensate return
  • Integrated heat exchanger saves energy
  • Optimally placed connections enable flexible set-up
  • Control: Perfect communication with the steam generator
  • Easy connection to multiple steam systems


  • Integrated reamers for steam vapour utilisation
  • Stable mounting frame
  • All surfaces inside and outside made of high quality stainless steel
  • All connections easily accessible on one front and bottom side, variable installation possible
  • Intelligent level control
  • Condensate return below the water surface, for better energy utilisation
  • Fully insulated
  • Optionally with second mounted dosing station
  • Cleaning opening for maintenance purposes

Water level indicator

No connections on top (can be positioned on the ceiling to save space)

Steel vessel inside and outside (insulated with mineral wool)

Condensate return below the water surface and use of the vapour steam energy for feed water preheating

Low-noise steam pre-heating with special nozzle

Connections for sample taking

Dosing station mounted (optional version also with two dosing stations)

Stable mounting frame for quick space-saving installation (alternatively also available with wall mount)

Technical data

Plant type:SWG 220SWG 330SWG 570SWG 860SWG 1140SWG 1540SWG 2050
Volume220 l330 l570 l860 l1,140 l1,540 l2,050 l
Width1,150 mm1,650 mm1,150 mm1,650 mm2,150 mm1,617 mm2,117 mm
Height (adjustable)2,000 mm2,000 mm - 2,400 mm2,194 mm - 2,554 mm
Depth645 mm965 mm1,250 mm

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