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Rental steam boilers from 20 to 1,680 kg/h: JUMAG is expanding the rental pool further in 2022

Quick help in case of damage, breakdown, boiler maintenance or for temporary steam requirements: Due to increasing demand, technology leader JUMAG is further expanding the rental fleet with the economical boilers. New to the fleet starting mid-2022 are mobile steam boilers on car trailers. Delivery and commissioning is usually possible within 24 hours in Germany.

Which steam boilers can be rented?

From individual steam boilers to complete steam systems, you can rent any JUMAG steam boiler. 

The JUMAG rental fleet currently includes:

  • Electric steam boiler from 20-160 kg/h
  • Free-standing units and skid mounted units 
  • Oil/gas-fired container steam plants with up to three steam boilers up to a total of 1680 kg/h
  • Mobile steam systems on trailers (starting mid 2022)

When does it make sense to rent a steam boiler?

Electrical steam boiler 

The compact rental units of the EDI series with a steam output of 20-160 kg/h are mainly used for pilot projects, experimental plants or test series, for example in the pharmaceutical industry.

Oil and gas-fired rental steam boilers

Single units and steam systems from the DG series are often used for short- and medium-term bridging in case of damage or defect in existing systems.

Container steam system for rent

With these units, we can provide your self-sufficient steam centre that is also suitable for outdoor use. Here, the steam output is up to 1680 kg/h. These systems also cover short- and medium-term requirements and are also used for months at a time. 

Mobile steam systems 

The rolling solution on a car trailer can be on site within a few hours. This can also be used to bridge extremely short-term failures. The steam output is approx. 500 kg/h.

The 5 most common reasons for using a JUMAG rental steam boiler

  1. Damage or failure of an existing boiler
  2. Production of small series or prototypes, i.e. temporary steam demand for projects
  3. Bridging during inspections of systems subject to mandatory TÜV inspection
  4. Bridging for longer repairs and spare parts delivery times
  5. Test device to impress you with the function and economy of a JUMAG unit

Delivery and commissioning possible on the same day

In an emergency, a JUMAG rental steam boiler can be delivered on the same day. As a rule, commissioning is possible within 24 hours in the federal territory. If no rental equipment is available, we will do our utmost to find a solution as quickly as possible. 

  • JUMAG rental steam boilers are ready to connect and can be used within a very short time. 
  • Even large container steam systems come ready to connect. As a rule, only the media connections need to be established. The chimney is pre-assembled on the container and is adapted on site using the components supplied. 

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