Investment security when purchasing a new steam boiler

Why electric steam boilers are the future

Oil and gas are cheaper than electricity for steam generation? That may still be the case at present. But anyone who is about to purchase a steam boiler today should rethink. This is because the path to electrically powered steam boilers – or hybrid operation – is already paved in Germany and Europe in the medium term.

Why is this the case?

In order to achieve the climate goals that have been set, governments only have a few options: They can make oil and gas more expensive for companies or tighten the rules (low NOx). Alternatively, they can promote the switch to renewable energies, mostly in the form of green electricity, through massive financial incentives.

This development began long ago and will continue to intensify in the coming years.

6 Reasons why more electric steam boilers will be used in the future

  1. The rise in CO2 price is certain for the next few years. It will make oil and gas increasingly expensive.
    CO2 pricing began this year. Currently it is “only” €25 per metric tonne of CO2, but in just five years it is expected to be between €55 and €65 per metric tonne of CO2. The model of the German Institute for Economic Research assumes a much more ambitious price of €180 per tonne of CO2.
  2. The EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act) and Green Deal are forcing companies to use renewable energies.
    The EEG regulates the preferential feeding of electricity from renewable sources into the power grid. The share of renewable energies is supposed to increase to 40 – 45 % by 2025 and to 55 – 60 % by 2035. The European Green Deal envisages climate neutrality by 2050. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. However, because only less than 30% has been achieved so far, emissions will have to decline more in the next ten years than in the entire previous 30 years. This requirement has been passed on to the companies.
  3. The result: Energy-intensive processes – including steam generation – are put to the test.
    The proportion of renewable energy in the company’s energy mix must therefore increase multiple times. Savings on oil- and gas-fired boilers through greater energy efficiency are an important factor, but will not be sufficient in the medium term. Conclusion: In the next few years, the demand for green electricity from European companies will increase rapidly, and more and more processes will be switched from fossil fuels to electricity.
  4. Scarce resources, fluctuating prices for fossil energies.
    Fossil energy prices are among the most unstable in the world. It is also certain that resources are limited and becoming scarcer. Even a temporary drop in oil prices cannot hide the fact that fossil fuels offer less investment security than renewable energies.
  5. Subsidy funds and attractive incentives facilitate the switch to electric steam boilers.
    In order to achieve the ambitious targets, governments have launched powerful subsidy programs to promote energy savings and green energy, in Germany for example through KfW and BAFA. Those who invest in an economical JUMAG steam boiler or operate an electric steam boiler with green electricity will benefit from the subsidies.
  6. Green image: Climate protection and sustainability are valuable assets in many industries.
    Whether in brewing, hotels, laundry, healthcare or food production: Those who work in a “green”, environmentally friendly and resource-saving way strengthen their brand and increase the value of the company. Environmental certifications are gaining importance in supply chains. The companies’ sense of responsibility is increasing, and end-consumers are also asking more critical questions.

Why are JUMAG electric steam boilers a particularly safe investment?

  1. Due to their high efficiency, JUMAG electric steam boilers are an alternative even for high steam consumption quantities. The new EDI360 produces up to 480 kg of steam per hour – all with extremely compact installation dimensions.
  2. Hybrid operation with oil/gas-fired steam boilers and electric steam boilers from JUMAG can optimise your energy mix – and thus your overall costs – and is particularly future-proof. This is because intelligent control allows the more favourable or available form of energy to be used in each case.
  3. The modern design and high quality of all components meet not only all the required standards, but also the highest standards of energy efficiency, safety and durability.
  4. In terms in energy efficiency, JUMAG electric steam boilers set the standard. With the EDI360, for example, heat is recovered from the water-cooled control cabinet.
  5. JUMAG electric steam boilers are low-maintenance, service-friendly and easy and safe to handle during operation.

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