JUMAG introduces new electric steam boiler EDI360

Half a tonne of steam per hour from electricity
The new JUMAG electric steam boiler EDI360

Electrically operated steam boilers from JUMAG are a story of success. Launched on the market 10 years ago, their quality has already impressed countless customers. Now the innovative fleet has been expanded. The new EDI360 electric steam boiler comes with just under half a tonne of steam output.

Are you looking for a powerful, compact and easy-to-maintain electric steam boiler? This is what the new EDI360 offers:

  • Easy-to-use power package with little space requirement
    The EDI360 generates 480 kg of steam per hour with an energy requirement of 360 kW. This triples JUMAG’s performance compared to the previous top model EDI120. Nevertheless, with its slim installation dimensions, it can fit practically anywhere. The design is optimised for easy operation; everything is within easy reach during maintenance.
  • Category III (DGRL)
    Despite its power, the electric steam boiler meets the requirements of category III (DGRL) and therefore does not require constant supervision. All safety requirements of level SIL3 are met.
  • Saving, recovering and cleverly combining energy
    Like all JUMAG steam boilers, the EDI360 is extremely energy-efficient thanks to its design. But it can do even more: The large volume of water acts as an additional energy storage device. The cooling of the electrical system is equipped with heat recovery. Further energy costs can be saved through an intelligent boiler sequence circuit or in hybrid operation with an oil- or gas-fired steam boiler.

Are reliability and longevity important to you?

These are precisely the strengths of the electric steam boiler EDI360. The heating elements are intelligently controlled in order to utilise them evenly. Thus, the wear is minimal. All components meet the highest quality standards. And because every failure costs money, the JUMAG electric steam boiler is not only particularly reliable, but also a favourable long-term solution.

For which industries is the new EDI360 particularly suitable?

  • Stainless steel steam boiler for healthcare and pharmaceuticals
    The EDI360 is particularly ideal for clinics, homes and care facilities. All media-contacting parts can be made of stainless steel. The new electric steam boiler covers the steam demand, for example, in sterilisation, CSSD, but also in laboratories and pharmaceutical production.
  • Hygienic steam generation in the food industry
    Like all JUMAG electric steam boilers, the EDI360 is ideal for processes where hygiene is paramount. This includes heating, pasteurising or drying food and beverages, as well as cleaning and sterilising bottles and kegs.
  • All industries and service providers that produce steam from renewable energies
    The path is set: In the future, renewable energy will be the main source of energy. Oil and gas will become more expensive. Those investing now should consider electric or hybrid. JUMAG experts are happy to help with appropriate solutions.

When will the new EDI360 be available?

The JUMAG electric steam boiler EDI360 is available now

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