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Secure steam supply for the Doemens Technical Centre

Its sophisticated design with easily accessible system parts makes the JUMAG skid mounted unit a showpiece for students

Project Highlights

JUMAG skid mounted unit KDA 260

Showpiece in the state-of-the-art technical centre

Increased efficiency

About Doemens

Doemens was founded in 1895 as a brewmaster school. The training of master brewers, but also of brewing and beverage technologies, master food technologists, master beverage technologists and business economists in the beverage industry continues to be Doemen's core business.

"JUMAG is ideal for breweries that want a secure and reliable steam supply without having to stand next to the boiler all the time."

Challenge: Teaching students about modern steam generation

Before the "JUMAG era", the Doemens technical centre was supplied with steam via a 35-year-old steam boiler. Due to the construction of a new building, a replacement investment was necessary. In addition to the typical requirements for efficiency and cost-benefit ratio, Doemens placed particular emphasis on the fact that practical training on the steam boiler could be carried out with the students.

The solution: JUMAG skid mounted unit KDA 260

Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber explains: "JUMAG had the best concept for our requirements with the KDA 260. Originally developed for particularly easy maintenance, the exemplary accessibility of all plant parts is ideal for showing our students all the necessary components of a modern steam plant.

In addition, we were impressed by the cost-effectiveness and efficiency. The system safely supplies our technical centre with steam and makes practical teaching possible in an excellent way. Our students are also very impressed with the system."

In addition to the ease of operation and a 9% increase in efficiency compared to the previous boiler, Dr. Blümelhuber praises the uncomplicated collaboration with JUMAG: "Results-oriented and always available."


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