Marienhospital Bottrop

Hospital saves 20% gas in steam generation

A reliable and fail-safe steam supply is essential for hospitals. In 2017, the Marienhospital Bottrop therefore decided to go for a JUMAG steam system. In addition to sterilising the medical equipment, the steam is also used to operate the belt washer and washer-disinfectors (WDs). Thanks to the energy-saving technology from JUMAG, around 20% of gas has been saved every year since then. In view of the high gas prices, this is an important factor for the economic operation of the clinic.

Project Highlights

2 gas-powered JUMAG DG 560 steam boilers

Systems run stably and are fail-safe

20% gas savings per year contribute to the economic operation of the clinic

About Marienhospital Bottrop

Marienhospital Bottrop is an efficient, professionally recognised and technically well-equipped Catholic hospital. In an inpatient area with 310 beds, almost 16,000 patients are treated annually by numerous specialist departments, supplemented by a state-of-the-art outpatient centre for diagnostics and therapy.

"Choosing a JUMAG steam boiler was both technically and economically wise. We save about 30,000 m³ of gas annually."

Challenge: Equalising peak loads

In order to be able to continue to provide the high quality of medical and nursing care in the future, technical decisions must also be future-oriented. Therefore, in 2017, two industrial boilers with a network pressure of 13 bar were to be replaced by a modern solution. The requirements included, above all, operational reliability and fail-safe operation as well as good automation. The new operating pressure needed to be 7 bar. In coordination with the specialist partner GASAG, the choice was made for JUMAG steam boilers.

The solution: JUMAG multiple units with two gas-powered DG560s

The result impresses Frank Hoppe, Head of Technical Office and Construction, in several respects. Two powerful JUMAG DG560 boilers with matrix burners for capacity control handle steam generation for all applications. The infeed water treatment system with pressure degassing is state-of-the-art – the best prerequisites for economical and smooth operation. The system is largely automated and has been running stably for four years now. With immense energy savings of around 20%, the investment pays for itself in a very short time. Frank Hoppe also praises the good professional support. "JUMAG provides us with excellent on-site support and the hotline also provides us with super quality support."

When does a JUMAG steam system pay for itself and which one suits your requirements?

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