SEGET meat and sausage specialities

Clean and ecological steam production for sausage and meat

JUMAG steam systems at SEGET work cleanly and increase productivity. The Polish company SEGET produces fish, meat and sausage specialities.

Project Highlights

2 JUMAG steam boilers DG 360

More JUMAG steam boilers for the planned production plant

Ready and configured system


Zakład Masarski SEGET Spółka Jawna was founded in 1977 and stands for high-quality sausage delicacies and meat. The factory currently produces over 100 varieties of smoked sausage, cold cuts and delicatessen products. 

"Our strength is high quality. We also have this requirement for our steam boiler."

Challenge: Steam boilers made it difficult to maintain high standards of cleanliness

Less than a decade ago, the company was working with oil-fired boilers from another manufacturer. Each unit in the plant had its own burner. However, the solution made it difficult to maintain high standards of cleanliness, it was not in line with the company's principles from an ecological point of view, and it involved high service costs.

Owner Jacek Seget: "We wanted to introduce a different solution to the facility that would be easier to work with, functional and less prone to failure. The second goal was to reduce operating costs. We met a Polish JUMAG dealer and service partner. He helped us choose the right equipment and solution for our plant.

The solution: Two JUMAG steam boilers DG 360

The decision in favour of JUMAG was the right one. We have been operating our two JUMAG DG 360 steam boilers for 8 years. Since then, our plant looks different and it also works differently. The trouble-free operation and energy efficiency has significantly reduced our operating costs. Another result surprised us: The processes have become faster. Thus, the JUMAG machines have also increased our productivity.

More JUMAG steam boilers have already been ordered for a new production plant that will be built next year.

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