Buchmann butchery

Mission: Sustainability

The multiple unit steam system at Buchmann butchery saves energy and balances peak loads.

New steam system for Buchmann GmbH

Buchmann GmbH in Upper Swabia operates an environmentally friendly plant with new, highly-efficient, quick steam boilers powered by natural gas. The steam supplies energy to cooking boilers, cooking and smoking system, and dishwashers.

Project Highlights

JUMAG skid mounted unit (KDA) with an output of 1680 kg steam per hour

Extremely high energy efficiency combined with high reliability

Completely configured system on one platform

About Buchmann

With more than 80 years of tradition, Buchmann GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of meat and sausage products between Ulm and Bodensee. The family business combines traditional butchery with the latest technology and modern quality management. The mission is sustainability. This is reflected in the new vegetarian and vegan, and therefore more climate-friendly products , but also in the drive for energy efficiency.

Challenge: Equalising peak loads

Previously, the company had two steam boilers from another manufacturer that required testing, each providing 640 kg of steam per hour. They were no longer current.

The new steam system should be low-maintenance, and the company also wanted to avoid the expense of pressure tests in the future.

"However, our most important requirement was that the steam boilers be economical to maintain", says Ralf Buchmann. On the one hand, he has cost efficiency in mind, but on the other hand also "sustainability". For the company, this means prioritising ecology and climate friendliness in every modernisation project. Energy from photovoltaics, a new CFC-free refrigeration system, a combined heat and power plant and electromobility with green electricity are examples from recent years. Ralf Buchmann: "After inspecting systems from various manufacturers, our in-house technician Reinhold Germann and I decided on JUMAG – and have not regretted it to date.

The solution: JUMAG Multiple System with 3 steam boilers DG560

The multiple unit steam system, consisting of three highly-efficient quick steam boilers, is operated with natural gas. The system ensures optimum utilisation and redundancy, making it extremely energy-efficient. The steam, at a maximum of more than 1600 kg per hour, supplies energy to the butcher's cooking boilers, cooking and smoking systems and several dishwashing machines.

Three steam boilers, which also means redundancy and supply reliability. Compared to the previous system, energy costs were significantly reduced. The expectations were therefore fully met. The company's own employees take care of the system themselves as much as possible. Under a maintenance contract, JUMAG technicians help when expertise is required. Ralf Buchmann praises the good availability of the team.

He finds his solution ideal for food companies that need flexible steam quantities for different systems. His summary after about 4 years of operating the JUMAG steam boiler: "I'm sure we did everything right." An investment is good if it pays off. "For us, the JUMAG system paid for itself within 4-5 years."

When does a JUMAG steam system pay for itself and which one suits your requirements?

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