Relaxation steam heat exchanger

If a lot of condensate with high temperatures flows back into the feed water container, this energy can be utilised by a relaxation steam heat exchanger.

JUMAG relaxation steam heat exchanger:
Function and Benefit

What are relaxation steam­heat exchangers used for and what are their advantages?

Sustainable and economical: Utilise energy from condensate return flow

If a lot of condensate flows back into the feed water container with high temperatures, relaxation steam that cannot be used results. If a relaxation steam heat exchanger is connected to the ventilation pipe of the feed water container, then the energy released can be used to heat softened water for other consumption.

For example, with 100% condensate return flow and a return temperature of 160°C, approximately 12% of the power is lost as relaxation steam.

This output can be used via the relaxation steam heat exchanger. An economical and sustainable solution.

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