JUMAG Skid mounted units

Skid mounted units can make do with minimal installation space. All necessary components such as steam boiler, water supply module, blow down are optimally matched to each other and pre-assembled on a base plate ready for connection. Individually configurable, also as multiple unit steam system or with electric steam boiler.

JUMAG skid mounted units:Plug and Steam

Simple installation

  • Ready for connection and optimally tubed – this avoids installation errors
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Base plate optionally divisible for transport, installation and assembly


Safe and economical

  • All components (steam boiler, water treatment, blow down vessel) are perfectly matched with each other. This increases and extends optional reliability and minimises operating costs.
  • A skid mounted unit can be installed very quickly and is often less expensive than the classic on-site installation of a steam system
  • JUMAG skid mounted units with steam boilers from the DG series do not require approval or monitoring in many countries (including Germany)
  • All Jumag systems can also be rented


  • JUMAG skid mounted units can be supplied with oil- or gas-fired steam boilers or with electric steam boilers
  • Multiple units are also available as skid mounted units
  • Will your steam requirements increase in the future?
    Versions of the skid mounted units can be expanded in the future by connecting additional steam boilers


  • All components required for steam generation, such as steam boiler with economiser, feed water container, dosage pump and blow down vessel, are mounted on a frame to save space
  • Good accessibility for maintenance despite the compact design
  • Also possible as multiple unit steam system
  • Flexible as an oil- or gas-fired system, or in hybrid operation with electrically operated steam boilers
High steam quality with minimal residual moisture
Standard burner; oil or gas
Many surfaces and parts in stainless steel
High energy efficiency (up to 97% efficiency) due to economiser (with second downstream economiser efficiency >100% possible)
Graphics touch screen
Low-maintenance circulation pump integrated into the control cabinet
Small shell boiler: Robust pressure vessel
Automatic blow down/desalination
Smooth water level control

Everything is mounted on a frame to save space

Economical, energy-efficient, versatile.Overview of our product range

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