That is why JUMAG promotes breweries

It goes without saying that we are a partner in the Verein zur Förderung mittelständischer Privatbrauereien. This is because we use it to support activities that promote companies in the medium-sized brewing industry, for example PR measures for breweries or support for pupils and students at brewery schools and brewery universities.

Steam for breweries

From the brew pan to filling, steam supports many processes, making it one of the most important savings factors in operating costs, as steam is used almost everywhere: for heating mash kettles and wort kettles, for hot water generation in lauter tuns, for indirect heating of wort kettles, in flash pasteurisers and pasteuriser cabinets, for cleaning in crate washers or bottle washers, for cleaning in CIP systems, for sugar dissolvers or for the production of sugar syrup, for steaming tanks and kegs in keg cleaning systems or in filling lines or in the filling department. The JUMAG multiple unit steam systems are particularly suitable for operations with fluctuating steam consumption.

Low-pressure boilers cost unnecessary energy

Many breweries still use large low-pressure boilers. JUMAG quick steam boilers use the same pressure vessel, but save considerable energy. Here, JUMAG relies on a design form that combines the advantages of the robust shell boiler with those of a quick steam boiler. In contrast to the traditional quick steam boiler, a once-through boiler with a pipe coil and piston pump, these steam boilers operate with a small shell boiler. The feed water in the pressure vessel is replenished by the boiler pump through the economiser depending on the water level in the pressure vessel. The burner is controlled depending on the steam pressure.

Energy conservation? There’s more to come

The heat from the flue gas is transferred through the pressure vessel to the water by a multiple path system. In the economiser, additional heat from the flue gas is transferred to the fresh water in the counter flow. The steam is dried in the internal system of the pressure vessel. The design is low-maintenance, as there is no pipe coil or maintenance-prone piston pump.

Speaking of maintenance: How do breweries receive funding?

If you switch to energy-saving and thus CO2-saving technologies, you can receive up to 40% government subsidies. This means that a new JUMAG steam boiler pays for itself even faster. Talk to us at BrauBeviale or to your contact person in our sales department.